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Random Line Breaks

What are these words These crappy words I write Upon the page Is it really A bit of poetry Eh Probably not More just thoughts Journal entries With Random line Breaks But I think it helps To keep creativity flowing Little vignettes Of creativity Words upon the page During short breaks To escape responsibilities For […]

Creativity With Abandon

Irish coffee In the morning Scotch By eleven Is the best way To grease the gears For production To flow Creativity With abandon

I Want To Write

I want to write Something profound I want to write Something meaningful I want to write New ideas New concepts Stories Poems But There must be work Bills to pay Cost of living Ya ya ya All of that So it must be hidden In the gaps between Work Sleep After meal times Before entertainment […]

Forgotten Habits

What to write What to write I don’t know Mind is blank Words don’t flow Out of habits Once good habits Now forgotten habits Must rebuild habits To scribe words Upon the page From my mind From my soul

Work Desk Creativity

Creativity is stifled At this desk Work staring upon me Yellow noted reminders Of tasks to complete Shuffled stacks of papers Disorganized From projects new and old No amount of pirate treasure Can distract my dreams Foster my muse Away from the grind

Creativity Lost

It’s so easy For it to be lost And never return I fear That’s the home Which I’ve found myself Must force Claw Kick My way From these depths Into something A bit more Once again Bathe With my muse In her joyful tears

Wrong Choice

Why is it The wrong choice Always seems Like the right choice While in the thick of it When the chips are down And there’s no way out Or when the poem Turns out Like crap

Words to Paper

It has been too long Since I last put words to paper I don’t know what to say Not any longer There was once a time Where my words would flow Not always beautiful But flow they did But tonight They don’t flow like they once did My words They have escaped me So I […]

Exclamation Marks

Exclamation marks Should be used sparingly Not too often Not too frequent You are allowed one Perhaps two In an entire novel But as of late I’ve been seeing Exclamation marks In communication Text and chats It shows excitement Easy to read into Makes me think You like me More than you really do It’s […]

Mental Vomit

My eyes are heavy With the sleep That eludes me For several days now They burn With the fire Of a thousand suns While they are open And the fire Of two thousand While closed Only one thing Can cool the burn And bring the sleep Which I desire If only I could Open my […]