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Folded Napkins

Folded napkins Feathered from mugs Upon white linen covered tables Beautiful arrangement Precisely placed Upon each table With only the care A wage slave would know A nice neat order Exacting As the boss demanded As the boss Could never do On their own

Doing It Wrong

Doing it wrong Blowing it up Best of both worlds Getting the results Not expected results But results nonetheless Gotta do it again In the morning After fixes are put in And we do it Normal like For it all to work This time

No Rest For The Wicked

Tired Eyes heavy Irritated Pushing through Few more minutes Everything agitates Uncomfortable Wanting sleep Needing rest Soon

Work Desk Creativity

Creativity is stifled At this desk Work staring upon me Yellow noted reminders Of tasks to complete Shuffled stacks of papers Disorganized From projects new and old No amount of pirate treasure Can distract my dreams Foster my muse Away from the grind

Doing Time

Killing time Just a few more minutes Until the whistle blows And I can move Leave my cell Three walls Floor No roof For a bit of respite Until tomorrow When I’m locked away For eight hours more

Pissing Match Rages

Pissing match rages When an unintended slight Maybe somewhat intended Not as a slight But what was said Needed to be reported It’s hard to remember If what was said Was said In a meeting Or if words had extrapolated What was said And made it up Either way There wasn’t enough time To do […]

Monday Morning Blues

Upon weak legs I stand by the lake Not wanting to be here After a long weekend With brain numbing productivity I want to rest Lay in bed Warm Under covers Sleep Until the clock strikes noon But I cannot Not while there’s work to do Not when I’m scheduled For time on the clock […]

Burnt Out

My mind Is gone Thoughts Don’t come Burnt out At work At home Eyes tired Straining To see To think To understand To create To produce

Overlooked Work

Just beyond the horizon From where I’m seated Hidden behind hills Trees Distance Is where I used to sit Locked away On days like today In a cage Of glass and steel Imprisoned Away from sunlight And the outside world Left to look through narrow slits Dream about how the sun Feels upon the back […]

Working Late

My eyes hang heavy Sun begins to fall from grace Hours of work left