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White Death End

It was as if Thousands of souls Screamed out In one voice Against white death From the skies Agonizing torment Before frigid black Along the trail blazed path Behind Alderaan And Vulcan

March Snow

March snow A dreadful thought It should have ended Quite some time ago But alas It stays with us Constantly falling Covering all In a slick mess Fears surface Summer Much less spring Will never come Not this year At any rate

Frozen Hot Sun

Hot sun Cooks On a frozen Winter day Nothing but ice And snow As far as the eye can see But That is beyond Beyond the windows Beyond the bank of heaters Beyond Where I want to be Cozy Relaxed In the sun

Heat Waves

Heat waves Billow past Across the glass Invisible When peering Across the frozen lake However As I sit Comfy leather chair Enjoying relaxation Waves bend light Casting shadows Rippling Across my chest Like waves Across the melted lake

Painful Glare

Vast sheets of white Glare against eyes Hard to see Absorbing rays Encompassing all Shifting silver shades Across snow covered lake Just as if On a warm summer day Laying upon my back Gazing through pure blue above Eyes Glare covered Squinting into Shifting blue depths Painful to see With tired eyes

Maybe a Run Tonight

Maybe tonight Will be the day I find my legs And run once again Across the streets Slick with snow and ice Steam pouring off My head My mouth A cold joy Keeping warm through exertion Down sidewalks There and back again

Longing For Warmth

There are days I long for warmth Away from winter Frigid wastelands Walk upon the roof With shimmering water Far below To feel a cool breeze Breaking up sweat From hot sun’s punishment Blue sky above Green grass around And legs to carry me Through fields of posies But my eyes open To frozen water […]

Winter Migration

Ice across the lake Grows Expands Choking off open water Removing the few spots For migrating birds To enjoy To bob about the waves Before moving on To greener lands Or at least Less snow covered Which is where I should be headed Away from the cold Away from the ice Away from the wind […]

Ice Covered Landscape

Ice covered landscape Spreads out before me Beautiful Treacherous Alluring Calling for me To walk out upon it But There would be only death Cold Wet Death To greet me Through thin crust Some days That death Would be welcoming To end it all In one cold embrace

Snow Falls

Snow falls Across the frozen lake Covering everything In a blurred blanket Across the lake’s depths Grays and whites Mix together Across the ice A blustery day Snow in the eye When walking along Reducing vision Shorter than the blustery day Would lead you to believe Pelting eyes Squinting out snow Cold Light Day Life