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Narrow Perception

There are times Where everything looks perfect To the untrained eye Locked upon a perspective With a narrow field of vision Ready to be blindsided With the ugly truth Truth Which in hindsight Was there all along If eyes could’ve been opened To every aspect Upon the horizon

Three in the Bag

Three in the bag But how many more Until I know What’s going on Within my head Within my soul These words Sort everything out My couch Away from the couch Where I lay Talk And make Freud proud

From Past Events

Too much Going through this head Too much To comprehend Eyes heavy From the past day’s events From the past week’s events From the past month’s events From the past life’s events But yet It all comes full circle Making something of it Making something of myself Dragging the brain Around cosmic spirals Keeping it […]

Insomnia Thoughts

As I lay here In my bed My eyes are closed But not my head Body aches It’s not well fed Mind races Reviewing what’s said Filling it all With fear and dread But I must keep Tugging at this thread For sooner or later I shall be dead

Rooftop Veranda Musings

Unlike previous weeks Today the lake Is the most brilliant of blues Not the pallid gray I usually find When on the rooftop veranda Escaping responsibilities Not far behind me But Only for a momentary respite Not like those Sleepily lounging upon boats Hooks in the water Escaping it all Life Responsibility For a day […]

How Can It Be

How can it be That I enjoy Tall dark glass Filled with foam topped goodness When only a few years ago I would have spat it out When it touched my lips How can it be That I drink this drink In the search of inspiration Which always absconds When I desire it most How […]

Crackling Electricity

Cackling electricity Radiates high above They do say Nothing to fear From city’s life blood Flowing through High tension veins There was a time I would’ve believed them But now I’m hesitant Juice Had always been silent In all its currents I observed before But now While pedaling below Listening To black wires high above […]

Insecurities Rage

Insecurities rage When the night is dark And promised hopes Refuse to play out I know these games My mind plays Sending it round and round Chasing its own tail Keeping weary eyes open Dark recesses of my mind Remind me Of old ways Insecurities had been dealt with There are two bottles of whiskey […]

Last Time

Last time Felt like The final time Something was in the air Reactions Words Gestures It was sad Hanging there But somewhere Deep inside I knew it was there The end Cracks had shown No turning back I hope I’m wrong But radio silence since Only proves I’m right No response to my messages No […]

Bar Bottles

Shelves above the bar Hang with bottle After bottle Of the same bottles Of booze Often I wonder If those bottles Tasty tasty bottles Are merely decoration Or are they’re intended To be drunk On a rowdy Saturday night When the bar bottle Is gone Along with The identical six Standing behind it