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Lake Ice Returns

More ice forms Across the lake Where once there were puddles There’s only ice Splatterings of snow As well For a freak fall A few hours back Hopefully By tomorrow Warmth shall return And cast out Ice’s wicked ways

Black Dots Swarm

Black dots swarm Upon the ice Huddled together Away from puddles Formed over deeper sections Where Cold hard water Turned Less cold Less hard In their quest For the next big catch Or tale to tell

March Snow

March snow A dreadful thought It should have ended Quite some time ago But alas It stays with us Constantly falling Covering all In a slick mess Fears surface Summer Much less spring Will never come Not this year At any rate

Chilled Late Spring

A chilled wind blows Across late spring Remembrance of demoralizing winter Not long past And futures storms Ready to strike through overcast skies With a frigid rain With a bitter wind Outside ventures Suffer Hesitant trepidation Fears of being caught Out in natures wrath Without clunky gear Left at home Travel light Travel fast Before […]

Frigid Wet Gray Spring

What is this weather Sweeping through this year Frigid Wet Gray Sky matches lake Only a blurred strip of land Keeps them separate But Should I be complaining This time last year Was unbearably hot Bright sun blasted Dry greens to brown What I do know is this I’d like to hop upon My bicycle […]

Spring Breeze

With a bit of nip On the wind The weather Has turned to spring Sky is blue To the horizon Lake matching its hue Fountains flow Spraying water Across the capital lands Soon this wind Will die down Spring Turns to summer And warmth Returns to this land

Spring Warmth

Warm sun on my back Heating flesh Against the crisp breeze Blowing across the lake Even in the sun The metal railing sends chills Through clothing Reminding Winter is not yet gone But it feels good Raw wind in my hair Sharp on my beardless face Without a jacket Hat Gloves Summer is on the […]

First Day of Spring 2013

Cold wind blows Across late March Jack Frost’s last grasp On his wintery domain He battles young spring With a steady frozen wind That cuts through the core Strips away each layer Fabric and flesh alike Tore at tendons Slices bone and marrow Pushing against progress Leaving bodies in pain Fingers no longer bend And […]

Belated Spring

When will the snowfall Cease plaguing our existence And turn to sunshine