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Shades of Gray

Snow falls A light dusting Obscuring mists In the distance Blurring out black Tree-line Between gray sky And lake ice Hypnotizing To shades of gray

White Death End

It was as if Thousands of souls Screamed out In one voice Against white death From the skies Agonizing torment Before frigid black Along the trail blazed path Behind Alderaan And Vulcan

March Snow

March snow A dreadful thought It should have ended Quite some time ago But alas It stays with us Constantly falling Covering all In a slick mess Fears surface Summer Much less spring Will never come Not this year At any rate

Painful Glare

Vast sheets of white Glare against eyes Hard to see Absorbing rays Encompassing all Shifting silver shades Across snow covered lake Just as if On a warm summer day Laying upon my back Gazing through pure blue above Eyes Glare covered Squinting into Shifting blue depths Painful to see With tired eyes

Snow Falls

Snow falls Across the frozen lake Covering everything In a blurred blanket Across the lake’s depths Grays and whites Mix together Across the ice A blustery day Snow in the eye When walking along Reducing vision Shorter than the blustery day Would lead you to believe Pelting eyes Squinting out snow Cold Light Day Life

The White Death

Stalking frozen months The white death Hunts for us all With a frigid scythe Death is wrought Across the land With chilling encapsulation None can escape Cold bone fingers Clutching Squeezing Killing

In Black Alley

In black alley I stood alone When year’s first flakes Began to fall A hulking form Encased in shadow Stood just beyond And blocked any hope Of a reprieve Puffs of fog Escaped my lips An ascending spirit But there was no shiver From my soul On this winter’s night In black alley Between the […]

Belated Spring

When will the snowfall Cease plaguing our existence And turn to sunshine