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Black Dots

Black dots Across the ice Huddled over holes Hooks Lines Rods Waiting for a catch The next meal To justify Time in the cold Waiting Watching Insanity I say Tucked away In the warm indoors

Lake Ice Returns

More ice forms Across the lake Where once there were puddles There’s only ice Splatterings of snow As well For a freak fall A few hours back Hopefully By tomorrow Warmth shall return And cast out Ice’s wicked ways

Black Dots Swarm

Black dots swarm Upon the ice Huddled together Away from puddles Formed over deeper sections Where Cold hard water Turned Less cold Less hard In their quest For the next big catch Or tale to tell

Heat Waves

Heat waves Billow past Across the glass Invisible When peering Across the frozen lake However As I sit Comfy leather chair Enjoying relaxation Waves bend light Casting shadows Rippling Across my chest Like waves Across the melted lake

Gray Water Ghosts

Dark gray waters Roll past the docks White bubbles float Marking trails Of boats gone by Cold waters Of changing seasons Encased the dead Hidden away In the dark deep Chained to concrete Never to be seen again Until the faithful day Iron links rust Fade away Crack Break Released dark secrets Float to the […]

Bright Sun

Bright sun Blinding Beating down On a cold day Cooking out cold Feet up Near the lake Too cold for swimming Bundled under layers Solar powered Warming sun Heating flesh Buffering out chilled winds On a beautiful cloudless day

Fog Burned Off

Fog burned off When sun climbed high And day grew old Seamless line Between water and sky Blurred by gray Faded To a fine demarcation Water Land Sky Across the horizon Blue splotches burned holes Through white high above Glowing blurred sky Took shape Took form An orb Brilliant white Radiated heat and warmth Destroyed […]

Lines of Surf

Lines of surf Stretch across The aging lake Stretch marks From age From use From everything Worn out Used up Old Decrepit Done for Just like I feel On this cold day Where autumn Is still in full swing My winter isn’t here Not yet But it will be Soon Then I Just like the […]

Watching the Lake

This will be a nice spot Away from work Away from pressures Away from the cold Tucked away On a comfy chair Locked away In terrace bowels Watching the lake Watching the waves As thy bounce Line graphs Equalizers In time with my music Blasted into ears Blocking out the world Letting me lose myself […]

Freezing Lake

Steam upon the lake Coldest of days Heat mass transitioning From water heat mass To subzero air When the freeze Hit the land Beauty In the desolate wasteland Curling wisps Dissipate into the atmosphere