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Cold Lonely Nights

What am I doing On these cold nights Looking Longing For another body To share bed with But yet I cannot sleep Not the whole night through Not when I’m sharing bed With someone new

No Rest For The Wicked

Tired Eyes heavy Irritated Pushing through Few more minutes Everything agitates Uncomfortable Wanting sleep Needing rest Soon

From Past Events

Too much Going through this head Too much To comprehend Eyes heavy From the past day’s events From the past week’s events From the past month’s events From the past life’s events But yet It all comes full circle Making something of it Making something of myself Dragging the brain Around cosmic spirals Keeping it […]

Too Tired

Too tired to type Too tired to write Too tired to think Too tired to sleep Just sit there Lolling around Staring at screens Letting time slip away A wasted night Too early for bed Too late for a movie Just let time pass Wasting away A night after work Not wanting for anything

Mental Vomit

My eyes are heavy With the sleep That eludes me For several days now They burn With the fire Of a thousand suns While they are open And the fire Of two thousand While closed Only one thing Can cool the burn And bring the sleep Which I desire If only I could Open my […]

This Glowing Screen

This glowing screen Before my eyes Is a torment Of daemons And devils For once it is lit During the darkest of night My eyes cannot close Sleep becomes my plight Sooner or later I shall learn To take up a sword And vanquish those Who oppose weary slumber

Nothing Was Wrong

Nothing was wrong Nothing at all The brain is just dumb Awkward I may have been slow On the uptake But Everything is fine Nothing is wrong No reason to worry To stay up late And make things worse In the squishy head


Caffeine My Brutus Which once I could sip Morning Noon Night Needed to stay awake Finish pressing matters On dreary days Did not matter Sleep would take hold When time was right Moon was high These days Sleep comes at a premium A luxurious fantasy Each hour clawed for Caffeine takes away Never to be […]

Insomnia Thoughts

As I lay here In my bed My eyes are closed But not my head Body aches It’s not well fed Mind races Reviewing what’s said Filling it all With fear and dread But I must keep Tugging at this thread For sooner or later I shall be dead

Lying In Bed

Lying in bed Nothing is said For I am one Tired Road dog Eyes are red Heavy with sleep But my work isn’t done As I lay here Pondering about sleep And dreading the day to come Unfinished work begins to eek out From these weary fingers Something has gotta give And with a little […]