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Black Dots

Black dots Across the ice Huddled over holes Hooks Lines Rods Waiting for a catch The next meal To justify Time in the cold Waiting Watching Insanity I say Tucked away In the warm indoors

Lake Ice Returns

More ice forms Across the lake Where once there were puddles There’s only ice Splatterings of snow As well For a freak fall A few hours back Hopefully By tomorrow Warmth shall return And cast out Ice’s wicked ways

Black Dots Swarm

Black dots swarm Upon the ice Huddled together Away from puddles Formed over deeper sections Where Cold hard water Turned Less cold Less hard In their quest For the next big catch Or tale to tell

Ice Covered Landscape

Ice covered landscape Spreads out before me Beautiful Treacherous Alluring Calling for me To walk out upon it But There would be only death Cold Wet Death To greet me Through thin crust Some days That death Would be welcoming To end it all In one cold embrace

Snow Falls

Snow falls Across the frozen lake Covering everything In a blurred blanket Across the lake’s depths Grays and whites Mix together Across the ice A blustery day Snow in the eye When walking along Reducing vision Shorter than the blustery day Would lead you to believe Pelting eyes Squinting out snow Cold Light Day Life