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Catheldor Knights – Page 120

Clem grabbed his sword and pointed it at Jarik, “Lead the way, mouthy one.” “My name is Jarik,” the half-elf grumbled as they walked away from the farmhouse. “Those are some cute little pointy ears you have there,” Clem said as they walked out of earshot of the five young men standing on the farmstead’s […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 119

The group made their way through the woods. After several wrong turns and being lost in the darkness, the six young men eventually made it to Clem’s farmhouse as the sun began to rise. No lights were lit in the home and they had to bang on the door several times to wake up the […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 118

Firae stood over the litter of smoldering wolf puppy carcasses. “Seriously, did you have to burn these little guys to a crisp?” “Casualties of war my friend,” prince Arlin of Catheldor said as he patted the elf on the back. “Not my fault they got caught in the blast. I aimed for the big one, […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 117

Except for thothen, all of the adventurers ducked their heads at the short cave entrance. The group moved single file through the narrow corridor. The three with weapons were in front with the three spell casters at the rear. The stench of dog permeated the tunnel, which told the young men they had in fact […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 116

Wolves had a hard time clamping down on Thothen’s stone arms. His axe swung as each beast leapt for him. Fur and blood flew as each blow landed home. At times the proximity of the wolves hampered his axe swings which reduced the dwarf to punching the beasts to get them away from the group. […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 115

Jarik shrugged off his wounds and climbed the hill before them. “Those wolves are just over the hill. Their den must be right here as well.” At the crest of the hill the group found themselves in a full moon illuminated clearing. The wolf howls circled around them in the darkness. The young men drew […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 114

When the group rushed in to assist their fallen comrade the wolf ran into the darkness to join its howling brothers. “I told you not to help me,” Jarik said through clenched teeth. Blood dripped from his arm. “That damn dog was in just the position I wanted him to be in. Just a few […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 113

The group let Jarik advance well ahead. If anything was to scare away the wildlife in the Ildonia countryside it would be the sound of the armed men pretending to be quiet. They only caught glimpses of the half-elf through the foliage. As the group made their way through the underbrush the late day sun […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 112

Jarik walked beside Prince Arlin while the group trekked through the woods on the search for the wolf pack. “We should’ve taken his cart. You’re a prince of Catheldor and he is one of your loyal subjects. You should’ve commanded him to give us his wheels.” “It does not work that way Jarik,” Arlin said. […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 111

Clem heaved the heavy wooden barn door open. The rusted hinges creaked and groaned in protest to the movement. A rusted plow, shovels, and other farm implements were stacked high and didn’t give room to maneuver. The building stunk manure and somehow there was no air movement even though the roof was full of holes. […]