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White Death End

It was as if Thousands of souls Screamed out In one voice Against white death From the skies Agonizing torment Before frigid black Along the trail blazed path Behind Alderaan And Vulcan

Nightmare’s Jaws

Nightmare’s jaws Gnash On dream’s heels Black swirling mass Demons and devils Dragging down A life of normalcy Punching the clock Counting the hours Until Mr. Death Comes a knocking But the dream runs Escaping the nightmare Fighting hard Knocking back those jaws Kicking Screaming Trying to live Trying to survive Trying to be

Approaching the Edge

Approaching the edge Walking quick Across the roof The ground lays below Far below Six stories Maybe more To the earth Frigid waters below My heart quickens I know I’ll never make it The concrete path Would catch my fall Batter and beat My body To a bloody pulp Bone crunching Teeth shattering Fall But […]

Ice Covered Landscape

Ice covered landscape Spreads out before me Beautiful Treacherous Alluring Calling for me To walk out upon it But There would be only death Cold Wet Death To greet me Through thin crust Some days That death Would be welcoming To end it all In one cold embrace

Falling Man

How would it feel To be the falling man Trapped between flames And an easy escape Plummeting a hundred floors Letting the wind take you Falling The easy way out A hard choice When the flames lick Turn flesh to ash No going back Too much pain Too much hurt Too much Too much Too […]

The White Death

Stalking frozen months The white death Hunts for us all With a frigid scythe Death is wrought Across the land With chilling encapsulation None can escape Cold bone fingers Clutching Squeezing Killing

Mid Fall

Footfall after footfall Against the trail Running across the countryside The sun tried to cling to the sky But slowly fell behind me Joining leafless trees And dead prairie grass Upon the horizon It is these autumn days Same days as last year And the year before that Which has me wondering About my place […]

In Black Alley

In black alley I stood alone When year’s first flakes Began to fall A hulking form Encased in shadow Stood just beyond And blocked any hope Of a reprieve Puffs of fog Escaped my lips An ascending spirit But there was no shiver From my soul On this winter’s night In black alley Between the […]

China Doll Crimson

China doll eyes Greeted my gaze And drunken haze My wet left hand Lay in a crimson pool Wrapped around the waist Of the ginger haired girl Particles floated through Lighted streams Of the morning Western sun A wicked red grin Etched across the face Of the girl with raven hair A grin which will […]


Radios crackled to life Relaying messages As aircraft Dove against each other Machineguns blasting Filling the air With gunpowder And bullets Men shouted their status Men shouted attack plans Men shouted for assistance Voices were full Of aggression Hopelessness Pain Voices were cut off Mid sentence Mid word Mid syllable Nothing could be done To […]