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Lake Ice Returns

More ice forms Across the lake Where once there were puddles There’s only ice Splatterings of snow As well For a freak fall A few hours back Hopefully By tomorrow Warmth shall return And cast out Ice’s wicked ways

Maybe a Run Tonight

Maybe tonight Will be the day I find my legs And run once again Across the streets Slick with snow and ice Steam pouring off My head My mouth A cold joy Keeping warm through exertion Down sidewalks There and back again

Longing For Warmth

There are days I long for warmth Away from winter Frigid wastelands Walk upon the roof With shimmering water Far below To feel a cool breeze Breaking up sweat From hot sun’s punishment Blue sky above Green grass around And legs to carry me Through fields of posies But my eyes open To frozen water […]

Bright Sun

Bright sun Blinding Beating down On a cold day Cooking out cold Feet up Near the lake Too cold for swimming Bundled under layers Solar powered Warming sun Heating flesh Buffering out chilled winds On a beautiful cloudless day

Gray Day

Temperature began to drop Rain began to spit On a melancholy day Sitting by the lake Surrounded by gray Sky Water Walls All around Tunes in my ears Meander on Rolling like the waves Far below Just bobbing along Living the days One by one Plodding along

Winter Migration

Ice across the lake Grows Expands Choking off open water Removing the few spots For migrating birds To enjoy To bob about the waves Before moving on To greener lands Or at least Less snow covered Which is where I should be headed Away from the cold Away from the ice Away from the wind […]

Rooftop Poetry

Is writing poems Upon the roof Way too much On frozen days Like today Cold wind Cuts across my fingers Chills my shoulders Numbs my feet While I pace Across the roof In the warming sun Typing out words Through puffs of white breath It’s cold out And I want to be done But I’m […]

Life Is Pain

I’m tired I’m done I don’t want to do this Anymore The living The breathing Taking step after step Life is pain A pain that needs to end The weary days Of cold Of darkness Only getting worse With each step

Fog Burned Off

Fog burned off When sun climbed high And day grew old Seamless line Between water and sky Blurred by gray Faded To a fine demarcation Water Land Sky Across the horizon Blue splotches burned holes Through white high above Glowing blurred sky Took shape Took form An orb Brilliant white Radiated heat and warmth Destroyed […]

Gray Void

Fog hangs heavy Obscuring the lake And everything Beyond the block Specks of wet Moisten glasses In the gray day Sky mixes with water On pure blur Tricks upon the mind Squinting Into the void Difficult to see Trying to make something out Anything Just shifting blobs of gray Meet my gaze From the nothingness