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Cold Lonely Nights

What am I doing On these cold nights Looking Longing For another body To share bed with But yet I cannot sleep Not the whole night through Not when I’m sharing bed With someone new

Urban Hermit

Beats In my ears Block out life Reality All distractions A hermit Intermingling through society Surrounded by others But alone Isolated By choice Leave me alone To wander The halls The streets In my own head In my own way In my own time

Too Many People

Too many people Wandering through the halls Of usual haunts Pushing me out Finding an escape A new hovel Away from commotion To sit To think To ponder Alone

Bachelor Dinner

A frozen pizza Makes an excellent dinner When washed down with beer

Wounded Puma

Wounded puma Limped through the forest On her own There’s no comfort Others could provide Only to hide Alone In a dark cave To lick wounds Growling at any who approach No kind offering Of a fresh kill Could end frightful frustrations Body not working right Not functioning as it should When will it end […]

Corner Booth

In the corner booth Sits a girl Who looks like a girl I had known long ago Same side profile Pageboy blonde An air of hard Curves of soft Steely blue eyes Glance from phone Around the restaurant Our eyes meet For the briefest of moments A face I’ve not seen before Framed in once […]

Day Drinking

Pass another beer Today is getting started Down the empty path

Lone Wolf

Lone wolf Stalks alone Through tree And bush Pale moonlight Filters through Fallen leaves Resting upon Dead soldiers Who fought Gallantly losing Giving all For those Who never Did deserve The honor Copper scents Floating through Death’s grove Along with Dirty musk From those Who circle The grove Waiting for And watching Lone wolf To […]

Little Miss Pixie

Little miss pixie Flittering about my head Amusing me in ways That should not be Bringing me things That should not be had Buzzing about Entertaining me Annoying me Why is it When you are Nowhere to be found I am lost


Dark Alone Afraid I reach for you Reassuring glow Together Happy I reach for you Intense Blinding No escape I reach for you Dark Alone Afraid Again