Black Dots Swarm

Black dots swarm Upon the ice Huddled together Away from puddles Formed over deeper sections Where Cold hard water Turned Less cold Less hard In their quest For the next big catch Or tale to tell

March Snow

March snow A dreadful thought It should have ended Quite some time ago But alas It stays with us Constantly falling Covering all In a slick mess Fears surface Summer Much less spring Will never come Not this year At any rate

Human Patterns

Patterns Are everywhere When you look Hard enough The mind’s eye Sees what isn’t there Similarities between people Reoccurring events On reoccurring days But I find it funny Trips to faraway lands On the same day The ending of things On the same weekend Same names Same events Is it all a sign That patterns […]

Cookie Appeased Delay

Cookie in the belly Long flight They gave two Two sets of two To keep peace After a long delay Waiting For lavatories To be emptied And de-ice The wings


I want to Fly away From this place Leave On extended golden wings Across the lake Across the plains Away From here Forever

Days Through Fingers

Days keep flowing Sands of time Through my fingers The tighter I grasp The more slips through There is no going back Cannot pick up Single grains Time is gone Unspent If not lived To the fullest Each And every Moment

Urban Hermit

Beats In my ears Block out life Reality All distractions A hermit Intermingling through society Surrounded by others But alone Isolated By choice Leave me alone To wander The halls The streets In my own head In my own way In my own time

Lost Souls

Lost souls Drenched in rain Clouds so dark Sun blotted out Freaked out animals Rampage past Must be stopped Must be ended When dissipated The storm takes Drenched souls To realms beyond

Creativity With Abandon

Irish coffee In the morning Scotch By eleven Is the best way To grease the gears For production To flow Creativity With abandon

Frozen Hot Sun

Hot sun Cooks On a frozen Winter day Nothing but ice And snow As far as the eye can see But That is beyond Beyond the windows Beyond the bank of heaters Beyond Where I want to be Cozy Relaxed In the sun