Monthly Archives: February 2014

I Want To Write

I want to write Something profound I want to write Something meaningful I want to write New ideas New concepts Stories Poems But There must be work Bills to pay Cost of living Ya ya ya All of that So it must be hidden In the gaps between Work Sleep After meal times Before entertainment […]

Something Special

I just want to be Something special To mean something Is that too much To ask for For others to feel For me As I feel Apparently It seems to be The luck of my life To not be so

Illness Takes Over

Illness takes over Clouding the mind Slowing the hands Eyes become heavy Early All day Never ending cough Agitates draining Sinuses Persistent For a week When will it end When will I Be healthy Again

Sweat and Coffee

Sweat Coffee Fill the tube Morning travelers Red eyed Early morning To arrive with time Through check points Across the terminal Hurry up Wait Get in line Wait Fill the tube Buckle up Packed together Wait

Chance Encounter

Chance encounter In the hotel lobby Two ships in the night Pass through fog Didn’t see each other Until moments before meeting Will never see each other Ever again But they have time To pass some signals While moored together And share a drink Before drifting apart Across the vast ocean Never to cross paths […]

Forgotten Habits

What to write What to write I don’t know Mind is blank Words don’t flow Out of habits Once good habits Now forgotten habits Must rebuild habits To scribe words Upon the page From my mind From my soul

Plug And Play People

Plug and play people Is what we are All of us You Me Him Her All of us Nothing special Not unique Any number of people Can be swapped out Given the same opportunities And come out the same With the same decisions Doing the same things On the same days

The Drain Circles

The drain circles Pulling me down With the flow Down the whirlpool No matter how hard I swim Paddling Kicking Fighting To stay above the water To stay alive To keep from drowning

I Want To Run

I want to run Through the streets Across the frozen lake Until my lungs gives out Until my legs gives out Until my heart gives out Leave it behind me Life Pain Everything Just to go No turning around To see how far I could make it Before I could go No further

Doing It Wrong

Doing it wrong Blowing it up Best of both worlds Getting the results Not expected results But results nonetheless Gotta do it again In the morning After fixes are put in And we do it Normal like For it all to work This time