Monthly Archives: January 2014


Unexpected message Flashed across the screen Head swims Heart races Innocuous little message About the day About the weather About recent happenings Just like friends do A cordial message

The Waiting Game

The waiting game Is fraught with anxiousness Turning stomach End over end Until a light Becomes visible At the end of the tunnel Nausea takes over Double Tripling Making everything worse Until Birthed into the openness Into the light Into the future For better Or worse

Wrong Choice

Why is it The wrong choice Always seems Like the right choice While in the thick of it When the chips are down And there’s no way out Or when the poem Turns out Like crap

Words to Paper

It has been too long Since I last put words to paper I don’t know what to say Not any longer There was once a time Where my words would flow Not always beautiful But flow they did But tonight They don’t flow like they once did My words They have escaped me So I […]

Carrots and Pixies

Carrots And pixies Float through the mind Conjurations For happier times Frolicking through the forest Not locked away In some castle keep Waiting Watching Days float on past While hair grows long And belly is filled With only gruel

Last Days of Autumn

Hot sun warms On cool autumn day Breeze gently cools Crisp on the air Chilling in shade But on the veranda Direct sun overhead Lake in three directions Distant trees behind Sitting under the sun Last grasp of warmth Before leaves die And Jack Frost torments Through long dark days

Mucus Drains

Mucus drains From numbed mind Fogged over With illness No room to be productive No room to create Body refuses To do much more Than sit Stare off into space Cough Sleep If even that much Sleep is hard When mouth breathing Waking after midnight To cough Talon scratched throat Screams With each labored breath […]

East Coast Memories

Waves crash upon the shore Windswept white caps Across the lake Harken back To a time long ago Before memories formed Along the ocean shore Cold waters splashed Against hard life Under gray skies Towards the horizon

Gray Water Ghosts

Dark gray waters Roll past the docks White bubbles float Marking trails Of boats gone by Cold waters Of changing seasons Encased the dead Hidden away In the dark deep Chained to concrete Never to be seen again Until the faithful day Iron links rust Fade away Crack Break Released dark secrets Float to the […]

Train Horn Echoes

Train horn echoes Across city streets Oncoming beast Of steal and steam Plodding through Slow Devastating any who dare cross With steel teeth And pounding feet There is no stopping The metal beast Through the concrete jungle