Frost Covered Tiles

Walking across frost covered tiles
I’m reminded of a day
Oh so long ago
When I was a young boy
Helping my father
With chores around the house
Yard work really
Fixing up our new house
In the ways we wanted
Digging in gardens
Front and back
I had been tasked
To dig out the rear yard
A steep hill
We were to turn into terraced gardens
I was left with necessary tools
Pick axe
Everything a boy needed
To cause some destruction
While my father
Worked in the front yard
I tried to dig
But the ground was hard
And I was weak
Always felt weak
As a boy
And even today
The ground sparkled
When I cut away the first layer
Ice crystals
Our Wisconsin ground
Was still frozen
On that spring day
So I gave up
And went to my father
Told him the ground was frozen
He didn’t believe me
I said we were rich
Because I struck diamonds
That was the memory
Which just filtered back
After all the decades
While I walk
Across sparkling frost covered tiles

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