Life in Miniature

Life in miniature
Doesn’t play out the same
As life in reality
The plans
Laid out in miniature
To see how it might go
Never pan out the same
Not quite the same
Never perfectly to scale
Sweeping archways
Aren’t large enough
To cover people
Constructed of wires
And bits of glue
Moving through
Cardboard buildings
With bits of plastic
Of what it might look like
If it were all different
If it won’t as planned
Before realities of life
And of budgets
Shrunk it all
Removing a row of parking here
A walkway there
Until life
Is but a pale comparison
Of what was planned
Of what could be
Of what should be
Of what was dreamed
But will never happen
Outside of the miniatures
Carefully crafted
Housed under glass
For memories
So they may never fade
From what was dreamed
What could’ve been
Should’ve been

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