Catheldor Knights – Page 120

Clem grabbed his sword and pointed it at Jarik, “Lead the way, mouthy one.”

“My name is Jarik,” the half-elf grumbled as they walked away from the farmhouse.

“Those are some cute little pointy ears you have there,” Clem said as they walked out of earshot of the five young men standing on the farmstead’s front porch.

“Poor little guy,” Gaston grunted as he stepped past Arlin and entered the farmhouse. “I would hate to be stuck with him in the middle of the woods.”

“Something tells me that Jarik will have a whole new understanding of the term, man love,” Thothen shook his head.

“Clem is the one I’m worried about,” Gaston laughed. “I’m sure he’ll be getting an earful of the adventures of the great and powerful Jarik. The outcome I envision is that Clem will do whatever it takes to shut that damn half-elf up, and for his sake I hope he comes up with some inventive methods.

By late afternoon Clem and Jarik returned to the farm. Clem announced that with the wolves gone he would be more than happy to give use of his cart. The farmer helped them load Gustav’s body onto the cart along with enough supplies to hide the body.

“Now remember to rub this lotion onto him every night,” Clem said licking his lips and handing a jar to Arlin. “Make sure you rub it into his skin real good. Into all of his orifices. Preserves the flesh, it does. Will make it so the clerics in Catheldor will have a chance to bring him back. Once the flesh starts to rot it’ll be too late he won’t be able to be brought back. Keep him from undead animation spells too, those cut the bonds the soul has to the body.”

“Thank you Clem,” Arlin gave the old dirt farmer a small pouch of coins. “This should compensate you for your time and your cart. Do what you wish with those wolf pelts. Killing those dogs was the least we could do to help out one who is friendly to Catheldor.”

The young men hitched a pair of their horses to the cart. Thothen got behind the reins as Jarik lay down with the supplies, and corpse, in the back for a nap. Arlin led the way away from the farmstead.

“Thank you,” Clem shouted to the young men as they rode away after he looked in the pouch. “Thank you and may you have many safe journeys upon this land.”

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