Catheldor Knights – Page 118

Firae stood over the litter of smoldering wolf puppy carcasses. “Seriously, did you have to burn these little guys to a crisp?”

“Casualties of war my friend,” prince Arlin of Catheldor said as he patted the elf on the back. “Not my fault they got caught in the blast. I aimed for the big one, but she guarded the little ones and they got in the way. Besides, if we didn’t take care of them now they would have been a plague upon the land come next season. Or they would have starved to death in this cold dank cave. In all honesty, I saved everyone a lot of hassles, including those wolf pups. Trust me, after a week with no food they would be begging to be put out of their misery.”

“Think we got them all?” Thothen asked as he looked over the wolf bodies.

“Yeah, I think we got all the pups,” Jarik said as he looked over Firae’s shoulder. “Only Thothen’s cooking is burnt worse than those dogs. I bet with the right seasonings the fleshy parts could still be quite tasty.”

Thothen shook his head. “Not just the pups. Do you think we killed all of the wolves or do you think we’ll be stalked by the rest of the pack?”

“It looks like we got quite a few of them,” Gaston said as he kicked the big wolf. “I bet this one was their leader. A big alpha dog like that would impart aggression upon the rest. With her gone, if there are any more, they should return to how wolves naturally act, which means they should be afraid of civilization and no longer threaten Clem’s farm.”

Miirik scratched his head, “Think he’ll believe us that we took out all of these wolves? Is there any way we can take some back to him as proof?”

“This should work,” Firae waved his hands about and said an incantation. A shimmering disk appeared, hovering a few feet above the ground. “Load it up boys. I think we can bring Clem a few of these wolf bodies. If he doesn’t believe us then we’ll just have to bring him out here first thing in the morning.”

Jarik started piling wolf corpses upon the shimmering magical disk. “I support this plan. Maybe I can talk Clem into skinning one of these for me. Think I could ride the disk? This walking has worn my feet to nubs.”

“No,” the rest of the group all said in unison.

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