Monthly Archives: December 2013

Out at the Club

Beats hammer on Repetitive fashion Oontz Oontz Oontz Limbs move Flail Independently of thought Along with the beats Twirling Whirling Rolling an invisible sphere From one hand to the next Feet stepping Bouncing Jumping Across the floor In time with music Pulsating lights Through the night

Falling Man

How would it feel To be the falling man Trapped between flames And an easy escape Plummeting a hundred floors Letting the wind take you Falling The easy way out A hard choice When the flames lick Turn flesh to ash No going back Too much pain Too much hurt Too much Too much Too […]

Bachelor Dinner

A frozen pizza Makes an excellent dinner When washed down with beer

Driving Twice

Driving twice The limit of speed Through icy corners And neighborhood streets No cop will stop me No cop will see me For all cops will be At the fire Behind me Watching the smoke curl Over the streets Onto the overpass Blocking everything off Watching the destruction All is clear In every direction Only […]

Life Is Pain

I’m tired I’m done I don’t want to do this Anymore The living The breathing Taking step after step Life is pain A pain that needs to end The weary days Of cold Of darkness Only getting worse With each step

Pissing Match Rages

Pissing match rages When an unintended slight Maybe somewhat intended Not as a slight But what was said Needed to be reported It’s hard to remember If what was said Was said In a meeting Or if words had extrapolated What was said And made it up Either way There wasn’t enough time To do […]

Full Belly

Bowl of cereal Glass of juice Sits strong Lasting for hours Longer than it used to Almost the right amount of time These days Hunger pangs Don’t set in Until sun raised high Burned off morning On a glorious day

The White Death

Stalking frozen months The white death Hunts for us all With a frigid scythe Death is wrought Across the land With chilling encapsulation None can escape Cold bone fingers Clutching Squeezing Killing

Frost Covered Tiles

Walking across frost covered tiles I’m reminded of a day Oh so long ago When I was a young boy Helping my father With chores around the house Yard work really Fixing up our new house In the ways we wanted Landscaping Digging in gardens Front and back I had been tasked To dig out […]

Caffeinated Writing

I need some coffee When writing in the morning To keep words flowing