Catheldor Knights – Page 117

Except for thothen, all of the adventurers ducked their heads at the short cave entrance. The group moved single file through the narrow corridor. The three with weapons were in front with the three spell casters at the rear. The stench of dog permeated the tunnel, which told the young men they had in fact found a wolf den. The group crept along in silence. None of them dared to breathe for fear that the wolves would hear them and attack.

Snarls rang from the back of the cavern. The wolves knew there were invaders in their den. They waited for the most opportune time to attack, when the intruders entered the last chamber and multiple wolves could attack all at once. There would be strength in numbers when taking on an enemy with tools and weapons.

As Thothen entered the large cavern at the end of the passageway two wolves leapt upon him and knocked the sturdy dwarf to the ground. Gaston kicked one of the beasts while swinging his sword at the other. Yelping, the two animals leapt back to lick their wounds as two more charged forward into the young men.

Several wolves were barking and howling in the cave, filling the enclosed space with a cacophony of noise that deafened the men. Wolf pups joined in the howling, cheering on their protectors. A wolf larger than the rest howled the loudest and pounced upon the young men.

Arlin launched a small ball of fire into the room which exploded in a large ball of flame, immolating several of the beasts. Stenches of burnt fur and flesh filled nostrils. Jarik circled around the beasts, stabbing at their weak flanks with his rapier as the animals barked and chomped at his allies. Magic filled the air as steel sung. One by one the wolves fell under the young men’s onslaught.

The young men kept their backs to the wall, not allowing the wolves to circle around and attack them from all sides. As each beast leapt into them their weapons came down, batting them away. As soon as it started it had ended. Only the large wolf remained standing. The men circled around it, attacking with their weapons as it snapped and clawed at them. They struck with their magic and cut at the beast’s sides. The onslaught was too much for the leader of the pack and he fell.

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