Catheldor Knights – Page 115

Jarik shrugged off his wounds and climbed the hill before them. “Those wolves are just over the hill. Their den must be right here as well.”

At the crest of the hill the group found themselves in a full moon illuminated clearing. The wolf howls circled around them in the darkness. The young men drew their weapons and stood back to back. They were ready to fight off the hungry wolves. Glowing wolf eyes bobbed between the trees in the darkness.

A wolf howled and leapt at Jarik. This time the half-elf was ready for the oversized dog. He grabbed the beast as it pounced through the air. The pair fell to the ground and he held the wolf in his arms. With one arm he kept the animal’s snapping jaws away from his body while he stabbed with his dagger with the other. The wolf yelped and jumped free. Blood streamed down the creature’s side.

Snarling wolves leapt at the rest of the young men as well. Gaston and Thothen swung their weapons at the beasts while Arlin, Miirik, and Firae attacked with blasts of magic. Beasts yelped in pain as attacks struck home upon their fur covered flesh. Men screamed in pain as tooth and claw dug into their skin.

Jarik scampered to his feat, “Come and get it little doggy. There is more where you got that from. I will kill you tonight.”

The wolf leapt for Jarik again. Once again its mighty jaws clamped upon his arm, just like the first time it had attacked from the darkness. The half-elf once again screamed in pain as the beast’s fangs broke through his flesh. His dagger came thrusting down into the side of the wolf’s neck. Its grasp loosened as it howled in pain. Jarik stabbed again and again. Blood washed over his hand. The mighty beast fell.

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