Catheldor Knights – Page 109

The six spent the rest of the day in Ravelin in search for more scraps of information. They spent coin in the shops and rented rooms at the tavern. They ate and drank heartily while maintaining an air of adventurers. Everything they heard pointed in the same direction, Eginhardt.

The next morning they had a breakfast of eggs and bacon before moving on towards Ballinderry, the next village upon the road. While traveling, they passed a handful of travelers and even a group of Ildonian warriors, but none had questioned the presence of the young men. They were adventurers traveling along the countryside roads. It was late afternoon when the sleepy village came into view.

Gaston scanned the horizon. “I don’t even know why we’re here. We should be at Eginhardt looking for the military encampment. This village is as devoid of activity as Ravelin.”

“Overwhelming arcane forces are not at work,” Firae tapped into his magical energies.

Prince Arlin nodded. “I agree that we will find something in Eginhardt, but this was the last known location of one of our scouts. Gustav should be around here somewhere.”

Jarik cleaned his fingernails with his dagger. “A name isn’t much use to find a man in hiding. Any idea on where we can find this guy? Or what he looks like? All you humans look the same to me.”

“There is a farmer here that is sympathetic to Catheldor,” Arlin said. “He may have information as to where Gustav could be. I hope we can find him.”

The group traveled to a farmstead on the outskirts of the town. A ramshackle little house and barn sat in the middle of what could only be called a dirt farm. A lone figure stood in the fields and worked a hoe in the ground. The farmer saw the group and walked towards them. He was careful to not step on any of the ankle high weeds that reached through the mud.

“What can I do you for?” the farmer called as he approached.

“We could use some directions,” Arlin said.

“Oh glory be,” the farmer said with a toothless grin when he neared the group. “Come to the house where I can draw you a map.”

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