Catheldor Knights – Page 108

The old smith gave a belly laugh. “It’s quite the habit I’ve acquired. After a lifetime smithing for the military I often find myself crafting swords instead of farm tools. It keeps away farm life boredom.”

“Business must be good to keep you making swords instead of ploughs,” Thothen said.

“Warriors of Eginhardt have kept me in work. They have spoken for several of those blades. Are you interested in the sword you hold? I’ll give you a fair price.”

“I don’t think so. Axes are my preferred weapon of choice. However, I picked up some items at an auction that might interest you.” Thothen smiled as he dug through his pack.

Arlin was greeted by the cobbler when he stepped through the open doorway. “What do you have in the way of a pair of fancy boots?”

“I don’t have much call for fancy clothing. Most of my wares as of late have been heavy workman leather for the boys in Eginhardt. “The woman put down the boot and hammer to scrounge under the counter. “I think I found suitable for you. How do these suit you?” The cobbler pulled out a pair of boots and laid them on the countertop. The red leather, curled toes, and silver buckles were old styled. It was a pair of boots a country bumpkin would find fancy.

Arlin smiled and grabbed the boots. “Those are beautiful. I hope they fit.”

Firae approached men who were loading sacks onto a cart at the mill. Both were bald and had faces of aged leather. “Looks like tough work.”

The men didn’t stop loading the cart. “Tougher than anything an elf could handle. Now leave us alone, this shipment to Eginhardt isn’t going to pack itself.”

Miirik and Gaston sat in the tavern, no other customers were present. They were waited upon by a middle aged woman with long flowing gray hair and a young child. Gaston beamed a smile when he ordered breakfast. “Not to discount your beauty my dears, but we’ve been traveling long across Ildonia and had hoped to have been served by a young maiden who I could woo.”

“The pretty girls left with their boys for Eginhardt,” the girl giggled. The waitress glared at the child. The girl covered her mouth and ran to the kitchen. “I’ll help cook.”

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