Catheldor Knights – Page 106

With support from the spellcasters, Thothen cut an end to the fire creature. The night returned to silence with the defeat of the Zmatek Elementalists, if only for a moment.

Gaston pulled the rapier from his leg. “What in the name of Dian Cécht do you think you’re doing? Why would you harm an ally to kill a defeated enemy?” Miirik crouched beside his wounded comrade. His divine magic washed over and healed the wounds.

Jarik shrugged. “Sorry about that, but sometimes even I miss. That sword was meant for this bastard.” He kicked Brandon’s body.

“You missed because you threw a sword. I don’t know what they teach you in elf school, but these shouldn’t be thrown. I’m keeping this until you learn this lesson.” Gaston stuffed the rapier into his waistband.

“The elves of Attor craft a rapier that is designed to be thrown,” Thothen said. “I could acquire one. It wouldn’t take but a fortnight to be shipped to Catheldor.”

“You’re not helping. Jarik, prove to me you’re worthy of this blade and I’ll return it.”

“I’ll do no such thing. Give my weapon back or you’ll wake with a slit throat.”

Prince Arlin’s voice filled the night with a deep growl. “You will behave as a member of this team. If you do not I will stop this mission and drag you back to Catheldor in chains. King Laeron would not be pleased to hear of your actions.”

Firae patted the half-elf on the shoulder. “You should do what these humans ask. We are here to foster good will, not drive our kingdoms apart.”

Jarik shook his head. “How do you propose I prove my abilities?”

Gaston smiled. “The next time we fight, you must battle with nothing more than your dagger. Once you prove you can fight well with that tiny blade I’ll trust you with your sword once again.”

The rest of the night was long and full of tension. Gaston attempted to sleep with one eye open and lay on Jarik’s sword. The half-elf sat and stared at Gaston through the entire night. The elf blood running through his veins meant he required less sleep than a human. Only Firae watching Jark kept the rogue to his word through the night.

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