Catheldor Knights – Page 105

The three elementalists looked at the half-elf with expressions of shock and awe upon their faces. They each calculated the odds that the one person they were just talking about hunting and killing had listened to their conversation.

Before any could react, a guttural scream was loosed from the half-elf’s lips as he lunged into the nearest elementalist, the redheaded one. His rapier struck flesh through the man’s flowing robes. The swirling beast of fire roared as it rushed to its master’s aid.

Prince Arlin rolled his eyes when Jarik’s voice rang though the trees. “It looks like we have a fight on our hands.” The adventurers forgot about being silent and rushed through the trees.

Arms of swirling flame lashed at the half-elf. Jarik ducked the inferno and squared off against the living fire. The two remaining elementalists backed away and launched arcane blasts of force at the half-elf.

Jarik’s companions crested the hill and charged into the combat. Swords clashed and magic flew as the two forces fought in the light of the campfire and fire creature. Thothen’s axe slashed at the fire beast in assistance to the half-elf with his magical foe. Gaston rushed into the wizards, his armor absorbed many of the painful magic blasts. Arlin, Miirik, and Firae supported the melee with their own magic.

Gaston stood over his fallen foe, the blonde wizard, and growled at the remaining elementalist, Brandon. His sword dripped with blood as he raised it, ready to strike down his last foe. “Zmatek Elementalists are unfit to walk upon this ground. You destroy all you touch with magical fingers and profit from those who aim to cause arm. As an enemy of Catheldor, you are to be destroyed by cold steel.”

“He is mine,” Jarik rolled away from the flame creature and threw his rapier across the battlefield. The blade sunk into Gaston’s leg and knocked him to the ground. The half-elf sprinted towards the remaining elementalist. As fluid as water over falls, Jarik leapt into the air, drew his dagger, and pounced upon his foe. The dagger plunged into Brandon’s chest. “If only I had a pike for your head.”

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