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I Am Exhausted Mentally exhausted Physically exhausted Emotionally exhausted

Catheldor Knights – Page 117

Except for thothen, all of the adventurers ducked their heads at the short cave entrance. The group moved single file through the narrow corridor. The three with weapons were in front with the three spell casters at the rear. The stench of dog permeated the tunnel, which told the young men they had in fact […]

Bike Path Traffic

Traffic Upon the trails Walkers going slow Runners side by side Bikers not up to speed Along narrow paths Along the lake Early morning hours More than usual Sweet spot of activity Rushing to work Rushing for exercise Before work

Catheldor Knights – Page 116

Wolves had a hard time clamping down on Thothen’s stone arms. His axe swung as each beast leapt for him. Fur and blood flew as each blow landed home. At times the proximity of the wolves hampered his axe swings which reduced the dwarf to punching the beasts to get them away from the group. […]

Usual Table

On a warm summer day They sit outside At the usual table Reading newspapers Or lost in conversation Just a couple old chums Chilled autumn days Show a different side Still at the same table But Unmoving Huddled in jackets Attempting to stay warm Out of wind and cold With nowhere else to go

Catheldor Knights – Page 115

Jarik shrugged off his wounds and climbed the hill before them. “Those wolves are just over the hill. Their den must be right here as well.” At the crest of the hill the group found themselves in a full moon illuminated clearing. The wolf howls circled around them in the darkness. The young men drew […]

Missing Pencil

Wasn’t looking, but I found your missing pencil. It’s in my pocket.

Hit the Page

Write Write Write Is what they say When you are Locked When you are Blocked When you are … Clocked? Keep them fingers on moving Keep them typing Across keys Keep that pen scribbling ink The thoughts The emotions The dreams Flowing And Sooner or later Something may come Something decent Shall hit the page

Catheldor Knights – Page 114

When the group rushed in to assist their fallen comrade the wolf ran into the darkness to join its howling brothers. “I told you not to help me,” Jarik said through clenched teeth. Blood dripped from his arm. “That damn dog was in just the position I wanted him to be in. Just a few […]

Frigid Emaciated Flesh

High above the lake Chilled wind blows Flesh tight Emaciated Upon the bone Not holding warmth No insulation Every touch A dull pain Hunger for warmth An escape From an autumn world And encroaching winter