Catheldor Knights – Page 103

Gaston squinted but couldn’t make out any more than the light bouncing through the trees. “Thothen, your vision is better than mine in darkness. Can you make out the source of that light?”

The dwarf peered into the darkness. “The light is far off in the distance and hard to see. The flicker looks like someone walking by torch light. The way it’s moving, I don’t think we’ve been noticed.” The bobbing light flared into a humanoid form and lit the distant forest. The short scream of a rabbit echoed and then was cut short. “It’s one of those fire creatures, like the ones controlled by the Zmatek Elementalists. We should wake the rest and investigate.”

Gaston kicked dirt onto the smoldering campfire. The near full moon provided enough illumination for them to see through the wooded grove where they made camp. It would be treacherous to cross the woods in the dark, but it would be possible.

Thothen crouched beside Prince Arlin and held his mouth shut. Arlin didn’t make a sudden cry when he was shook awake from slumber. “I believe the elementalists have found us. A light had skulked off in the distance. It looked to be one of their fire beasts.”

Arlin looked in the direction that the dwarf had indicated and nodded. The light still bobbed through the trees. “Wake the half-elf. Have him scout to be sure.”

Jarik’s eye popped open when Thothen approached. The dwarf pointed out the bouncing light and told him the prince’s orders. Jarik nodded and took off into the darkness. The half-elf made no noise as he rushed through the underbrush. Each quick step was placed with care. He avoided dried leaves and ducked under low hanging branches.

Gaston watched Jarik disappear into the night. “Think he’ll find out who’s out there without getting caught?”

“He takes to stealth with panache. I fear he will attack without warning us for assistance.” Arlin shook his head. “We should follow. If he does attack we will be right there to support. Move slow and silent. None of us are half as quiet as he is.”

Miirik and Firae were awoken and rubbed sleep from their eyes. The group crept through the darkness with drawn weapons. They were as silent as possible, but were nowhere near as silent as the rushing Jairk had be though the darkened woods.

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