Catheldor Knights – Page 100

The battle had played out as Prince Quinn Catheldor had said it would, the ambush secured victory over the Ildonian mercenary’s. Quinn wiped his blade clean on the grass beside Arlin. “Glad to see that you can follow orders. Maybe there is some hope for you yet.”

Arlin smiled. “Thank you, my brother. I would do anything to further the Catheldor cause. No sacrifice is too small.”

Quinn patted Gaston on the shoulder. “You fought well. I should have you reassigned to my contingency, but my little brother needs your protection.”

“Thank you my lord,” Gaston bowed and glared at Prince Arlin.

The riders mounted up and rode towards Ildonia. It wasn’t long until they crossed the border into enemy territory. There were no signs of any more mercenaries or Ildonian military in the area. It had been a quiet ride, just like through the Catheldor countryside.

The group rested the horses and had a snack at a spring. Prince Quinn approached Arlin. “This is where we part ways. Stick to the mission and return here on time. Orders are to return home once good intelligence has been gathered. Do not get yourself captured because no one will come to get you and a ransom will not be paid.”

Arlin nodded and smiled. “You should follow your own words, brother. Father does not trust you either.”

Quinn raised an eyebrow. “What makes you say that?”

“Why do you think the king sent two princes into Ildonian lands?”

“I’m trusted to come back alive with the knowledge on troop movements. Your mission isn’t so important and you need field experience.”

“You believe the tale that Mandel cannot see into Ildonian lands? There is much you must learn about how magic works. Ildonia could not block scrying across their entire countryside. It would take many powerful wizards dotted across their lands. More than what their treasury could afford.”

“So little brother, what do you believe?”

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