And The Band Played On

And the band played on
Base and drums
Holding the beat
Guitar grooving along
An accent
Upon bubbling jazz
Trombone fills in
Brassy note after brassy note
Filling gaps
With entertaining solo
When completed
And the band played on
Electric violin stepped up next
Waa waa
With the best of them
Rocking out vibrant tunes
The audience never expected
Upon the bar side patio stage
And the band played on
Guitar stepped up
Leaving comfort ground
Jiving with the rhythm
Standing out front
Rocking out
In front of his band
His creation
His dream
And the band played on
Trombone joined in
Dueling the guitar
Back and fourth
Taking the beat
Playing with the track
Laid down by the others
Back and fourth
Until the challenger steps back
Trombone defeated
By masterful guitar
And the band played on
Real quiet
Real slow
Drums hammer out their own solo
Fast and hard
But in rhythm
With the rest
Taking the center
But yet
Supporting them all
Furious sticks pound out
Fast beats
Fast rhythms
And the band played on
All together now
Bass shakes off
Prompts to step ahead
A team player
Alongside drums
Jamming out a line
For them all to follow
As the sun began to hang low
Beer was drunk
And the band played on

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