Catheldor Knights – Page 96

Prince Devlin shook his head. “As I was about to report, Mandel has tried scrying with no success. There are great wards obscuring Ildonia lands. All the more reason as to why we believe that our neighbors are up to no good.”

“What does the crown propose should be done?” Captain Kaarlo said.

“Our mission will be a simple one. There will be two small groups sent into Ildonia to locate our scouts and make observances of the Ildonia military. Prince Quinn, you are to lead this mission.”

“Yes my brother,” Quinn bowed. “What are my orders?”

“You are to penetrate into Ildonia here,” Devlin pointed to a location on the map. “There are several locations we need you to investigate, five in total. After this briefing I will provide you detailed information on the scouts in the field. You are to find them as well as explore towns along the way. Ildonia may be massing an army near any one of them. Take ten of your best men. Dress as adventurers, it is best you are not caught as Catheldor military.”

“I will do as you wish brother,” the middle prince bowed.

Devlin glared at his youngest brother in the room. “Arlin, your men will travel with Quinn until crossing the border. From there, travel to three towns.” The prince pointed locations on the map with the stick. “There is a scout in this area you need to locate, he could be in anyone of those three towns. We don’t expect much resistance in this area, but be careful. We cannot allow any prince to be captured by Ildonian. Not even you, Arlin.”

“Thank you brother,” Arlin bowed. “We will succeed with these orders. Have faith in our abilities.”

“This completes the briefing. Be prepared to leave before sun-up.” Devlin stood proud beside the map table. The king nodded in approval.

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