Catheldor Knights – Page 95

The captain of the Catheldor guard and his son walked side by side through the halls of the castle. As equals in the eyes of martial men. Once in the war room they were greeted by a larger number of individuals than the last time Gaston was in the room. In addition to the men present before, there were also other members of the military as well as Catheldor princes Devlin, Flavian, Quinn, and Mallory. All were gathered around a giant table covered by a sprawling map.

King Bertrand Catheldor cleared his throat when Kaarlo and Gaston entered. “Now that we are all here, Prince Devlin, you may start the briefing.”

The oldest prince bowed to his father and approached the table. He pointed out locations on the map with a long stick as he spoke. “Thank you my lord. It is a critical time here in Catheldor. Rumors across the countryside have it that Ildonia is staging for an attack on our kingdom. Since we do not want to be provoked into starting a war, word alone is not enough for us to organize our troops and launch a preemptive strike. Scouts have infiltrated Ildonia to find out if this information is true or not. We have not received word from any of our men across the boarder. This raises a concern. Why have they not checked in? Have they been captured? Or is it simply that the means to get word to us have not be available?”

Prince Arlin stepped forward. “Why haven’t you asked the great wizard Mandel to scry on our scouts? Or on the Ildonian army? He would know all of the answers.”

Devlin shot his youngest brother a look of death, daring Arlin to interrupt the briefing with an asinine question one more time.

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