Catheldor Knights – Page 94

Gaston paced through his home in the Catheldor castle. His eyes never left his father’s. “You raised me to believe one doesn’t question their superiors, but how can I follow when sent on a mission which was a complete folly. We didn’t have the resources or experience to come home with Galachir’s weapons. Why did the king, the elves, and you, my father, think it was wise to send us into Ildonia on a mission that was known to be a failure from the beginning?”

Kaarlo patted his son’s shoulder. “Calm down my son. There are many things in play behind the scenes. Things you could not know and should not know, if you want to have a chance of survival through these next few years.”

“Tell me father, tell me why I should ever trust my superiors. Tell me why I should trust I’m not being sent to my death on nothing but a whim. Tell me what’s going on in this castle and kingdom.”

Kaarlo sighed, “There is word the Ildonia military is making advances against Catheldor. Tensions between our two kingdoms have reached a fever pitch and war is on the horizon. There is no escaping it this time.”

“What does that have to do with sending us into enemy lands on a mission to acquire elf relics from an auction with killers and thieves?”

“In these troubled times there are only so many people the king, elves, and I can trust. The princes of Catheldor are such people. We needed to ensure you six could work well together and will do your best to accomplish any mission we send you on. Your little foray into Ildonia has proven as much.”

Gaston scratched his head. “Will I not be rolled into the army and face Ildonian on the battlefield alongside my father?”

“No you will not. There are more important things planed for you. King Bertrand will lay out the plans for your next course of action. It would be best if we were not late.”

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