Catheldor Knights – Page 93

Flames licked at the six men as they ran from the mansion. Fiery blasts of magic had ignited the building. Screams echoed through the halls of elementalists who tried to escape from the burning building.

Once outside the carnage wreaked upon of the village shocked the adventurers. While they were inside the mansion a sprawling battle had rocked the city. Many buildings were on fire and mercenaries fought each other as well as elementalists.

“What in the name of the gods above has happened here?” Gaston clutched his sword.

Arlin flinched as an arcane explosion rocked the mansion behind them while the two wizards battled high above. “Those two must have kicked off something fierce. Death threats over items lost in the auction just needed a spark to turn into a war.”

“We must get the horses and flee this place,” Miirik said.

Gaston evaluated the combat surrounding the village. “The fighting seems to be focused inside town. It may take us some extra time but I’m sure we should be able to sneak around the outskirts and retrieve our horses without getting involved.”

Jarik cracked his knuckles. “Think of all the gold coins that are being spilled down there. We could just pick up a few items on our way though.”

“No,” Firae said, “Our mission now is to return home safely.”

“But the coins. We could take enough to pay for what we’ve spent and pad our pockets.”

“No, we aren’t highway men.” Prince Arlin of Catheldor marched towards their camp and the horses. “We are leaving this town. Either you will come with us or you can take your chances alone in town. We are not going to risk the ability get home.”

“Very well,” Jarik hung his head.

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