Monthly Archives: October 2013

Anticipation Grows

Anticipation grows Preparing for ambition Must remain productive For 30 days A month Full of writing New thoughts New ideas New adventures A coffee fueled extravaganza To be productive And write new tales

Ending It

One of the hardest parts Of being an adult Is knowing when to end it Always hard words to say Even harder to hear But it is the way of life When things are decent Maybe good even But not as great As one had hoped It’s time to move on Unlike the days of […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 104

Jarik paused when the bounding light came into view. A being of fire approached through the trees. The half-elf hid in the underbrush, grasped his sword, and waited. The mindless monster passed by and didn’t notice the hidden danger. Beyond the monster’s sentry trail were three travelers huddled around a campfire. An insignia brooch upon […]

Storm’s Coming

Storm’s coming On the heals Of blustery wind Change in weather Change in temperament Nothing good will come From this day

Catheldor Knights – Page 103

Gaston squinted but couldn’t make out any more than the light bouncing through the trees. “Thothen, your vision is better than mine in darkness. Can you make out the source of that light?” The dwarf peered into the darkness. “The light is far off in the distance and hard to see. The flicker looks like […]

Air Head Day

Head’s fuzzy wuzzy Production must continue Even when loopy

Om Noms

Om Noms Is the place to be If you want Fizzle in your pop And a vermillion gumball Or maybe a double-decker Shot-put sized Rhinoceros cheeseburger On a chlorophyll colored bun But if that’s too square For your rhythmical adrenaline Then muddle your way Through our abstract menu Which will vilify All others That have […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 102

Thothen and Gaston stayed up for the first watch while the rest slept. They drank ale and played spikes and pikes while watching the night. It was a quiet night, other than the odd bird call there sounds didn’t echo in the distance. “Tell me Thothen,” Gaston threw down a copper coin between them. “I […]

Nothing Was Wrong

Nothing was wrong Nothing at all The brain is just dumb Awkward I may have been slow On the uptake But Everything is fine Nothing is wrong No reason to worry To stay up late And make things worse In the squishy head

Catheldor Knights – Page 101

Prince Arlin paced before his brother. “At best, we are sent out here for our own protection. A maneuver that would keep us out of the castle’s hair while the real spies gather information or flush out another war cabinet spy.” “You do not think our mission has merit for the war effort?” Quinn said. […]