Catheldor Knights – Page 91

Jarik stepped away from the metal chest and shouted to the old man hovering in the hole torn through the roof. “I wasn’t anywhere near that dang old box. Now get down here so we can discuss this face to face.”

A bright blast of arcane magic slammed the old man. He howled in pain and flew from view. Zdenek appeared hovering above the open roof, magic blasted from his fingertips towards where the old man disappeared.

Firae tried to pry open the metal box. “Let’s get the Galachir staff and sword out of here. Those battling wizards will buy us time to escape. The Zmatek Elementalists will be more worried about dealing with their mass carnage.”

“Let a real man take care of this,” Thothen pushed past the elf away from the box. With two hands on his axe he swung the weapon into the locked metal box. With a spark the axe clanged off. Not a scratch was visible.

“The damn thing is enchanted.” Arlin looked to the half-elf. “Can’t you open it with your lock picks?”

“What do you think I am, some kind of a thief?” Jarik spat.

“Well, yes we did,” Gaston patted the half-elf on the back. “Forget it. We should just carry that thing out of here. We can get the mages to open it once we get back home.” Gaston and Thothen tried to lift the metal box, but it did not budge.

Arlin said an incantation his eyes glowed blue. All of enchantments became visible to the prince as swirling colors of the rainbow which flowed around the box. “I see more enchantments than I thought could be put onto a single item.”

“Get out of here while you still have a chance.” The old man came into view above the library once again. A cloud of fire erupted and engulfed his entire body.

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