Catheldor Knights – Page 90

Gaston grunted and closed with the large Zmatek elementalist guard. The Catheldorian flanked the guard with Jarik. Together the two attacked the large man. The elementalist couldn’t maintain defenses against two attackers and blades found his flesh.

“There is no way you will escape from this village,” the large guard grunted and fell to one knee. “We will hunt you like the dirty flee bitten dogs that you are.”

“You’re the dog,” Jarik pierced his blade itself into the guard’s neck. Blood squirted across the library and the large man fell to the floor. Gurgled blood bubbles foamed around the wound.

“Get the box open,” Gaston demanded of the half-elf when he charged beside Thothen to assist with the four remaining Zmatek guards.

A padlock hung from the large metal case atop a stone pillar. Jarik hit the lock with the butt of his weapon, but it wouldn’t budge. He patted his pockets for a set of lock picks but couldn’t find any.

The remaining elementalist guards fell to the Catheldorian might and magic. All of the men were bruised and bloodied, but had cleared the room of guards trying to stop them. The fight had taxed their abilities and another harsh battle could be the end of the group.

“Let me get it open,” Thothen grunted as he hefted his axe over his shoulder and strutted to the half-elf. His obsidian axe blade could cut through stone and metal alike.

“We may get the relics and accomplish our mission before the day is through,” Firae said.

“I fear we have yet to run into the worst of the challenges in our way,” Miirik said.

A fiery explosion rocked the mansion and knocked the six to the floor. They were showered with sections of the building’s roof. The old man from the auction hovered above the building. His magic kept him aloft above the building while colorful bolts of arcane power streamed from his fingers towards the mining village.

“Step away from that box,” the old man demanded. Blue arcane fires raged in his eyes.

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