Catheldor Knights – Page 89

Gaston ducked under the water creature’s wet attack with flailing arms. “I’ll take care of the wizard. Keep this water beast off my back.” The warrior leapt over a chair and slashed at the wizard. The spell caster stumbled backwards against a towering bookcase. Books fell around him. He was cornered by the Catheldorian.

With a flick of his wrist, bolts of force launched from the wizard’s wand. Gaston staggered backwards for half a step before his armor absorbed the magical blow. The warrior pressed his attack and felled the Zmatek wizard.

Soot and ash fell about the dwarf with each chop of his axe into the fire being. Searing flames licked Thothen, but his stony limbs kept him insulated from most of the pain. On the last of its legs, the flaming beast roared and exploded upon the room. All were washed with bathing flames. Firae screamed and dropped to his knees behind the desk. Some hid from the furnace heat, but most were burned. Scents of burnt flesh filled the room but the flaming elemental beast was no more.

“Give us the relics and we’ll let you live. We out number you and will end your cult.” Arlin shouted over the desk he hid behind with Firae then grabbed the elf’s arm. Healing energies washed over Firae as Arlin said a prayer to Dian Cécht. Burnt and blistered flesh disappeared and an unearthly cold shiver ran down Firae’s spine.

The remaining guard laughed as four more guards rushed into the library. “Surrender now and your deaths are quick and painless. No one stands against the Zmatek elementalists.”

Jarik ducked under a guard’s blow and lunged with his rapier. The slender blade penetrated an opening in the large guard’s armor. Blood dripped from the blade when the half-elf withdrew it with a twist. His attack was the only answer needed to the demand.

Like a rogue typhoon, the water being rampaged through the room. It washed the six invaders in thunderous waves which battered them against furniture. Bolts of fire launched from Arlin and Firae’s fingers into the creature. Steam screams erupted from the creature.

An ancient dwarven battle cry erupted from Thothen and he bowled his way into the four new guards. Their sword blows slashed against his toughened skin, but none penetrated deep into his stone exterior. The dwarf struck with his axe, not caring if it left his side open to attack. His raging fervor had to bring the new guards down before they threaten the spell casters.

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