Catheldor Knights – Page 88

Jarik leapt past Arlin into the Zmatek Elementalist mansion library. Oak paneled walls were covered with book covered shelves stacked floor to ceiling. In the middle of the room between the guards was a marble pedestal capped with a large metal chest.

“You’re the one who’ll not be leaving here alive.” Jarik stabbed but the elementalist stepped backwards and deflected the blow with his mace.

Thothen’s hands turned to stone and he rushed towards the beast made of fire. Bolts of magical force launched from the Zmatek spellcaster’s wand. Thothen’s invisible shield of magical energy absorbed the blow but Jarik grunted in pain when the magic struck him. The fire beast lashed at the dwarf. Searing heat radiated through the shield but the dwarf was lucky and left mostly unscathed.

Chaos erupted across the library when more bodies were fed to the fight. Arlin, Miirik, and Firae hid behind a desk and couch. They slung magical energies at their opponents. Gaston rushed the water beast and assaulted it with his heavy blade.

Jarik battled the large guard, they were well matched as they thrust and parried each other’s attacks. The guard powered his way through the half-elf’s defensive maneuvers and smashed his leg. A scream erupted from Jarik’s lips when he fell with a dislocated his knee. From his back, the half-elf struggled to deflect blows.

The large elementalist towered over the fallen half-elf. “Just give up now, I’ll make you death quick and painless.”

Miirik rushed from behind the couch to Jarik’s side. A prayer loosed from his lips when his fingers touched his fallen comrade. Healing energies radiated from fingertips and reshaped the twisted knee. The half-elf scrambled to his feet and pressed his attack.

“Give us the relics and we’ll let you live,” Arlin shouted over the din of combat. A small ball of fire flew from his wand and exploded against a bookshelf on the far wall. The flames lapped at the water beast and the large guard. Jarik flipped away from the licking flames, but Gaston was not so lucky and his skin blistered. Flaming books flew from the shelves and burning paper rained onto the combatants.

“Watch it,” Gaston’s blade sliced through the water being. Liquid splashed against the floor and his flesh, cooling his burns. The water being diminished in size as it succumbed to his onslaught.

The Zmatek wizard shouted a spell and water flew from his fingertips. The water beast’s form grew back to its original size. The swirling water growled and lashed at Gaston, splashing the human with each bludgeoned blow.

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