Catheldor Knights – Page 87

The prince of Catheldor pulled a fist full of gold coins from his pouch and held them out to show the guard. “I’m sure that we can reach an agreement.”

The Zmatek Elementalist guard growled. “This is your last warning. Leave here at once or I will strike you six down myself.”

Arlin shook his head. “Such a shame. I was looking to resolve this peacefully.” The prince shoved the coins back into his pouch and said a short incantation. Flames burst from his body and engulfed the area around the prince. The guard screamed and was ignited by the magical flames.

Jarik lunged forward. His rapier struck home deep into the guard’s flesh. Gaston followed the half-elf’s advance. He stepped forward and swung his heavy sword. The blade dug deep and the elementalist fell. Jarik stabbed his weapon into the man’s heart. He twisted the blade as he pulled out, to ensure the man was down for good.

Arlin opened the door with the guard’s keys. “It’s not too far from here. Just down this hall and to the left and we should find ourselves at the library with the relics.”

“She sure did tell you a lot,” Gaston cleaned his sword in the grass.

Jarik patted the guard’s pockets for spare coins. “You’re just upset you didn’t think of pumping a whore for information first. Not that your human ways would have pleased her enough to keep her talking. Not like an elf could.”

“You know what they say about elves,” Gaston grunted.

“Hush up. We don’t want to get caught now.” Arlin crept down the empty hall then turned the knob on the library room door slowly until it clicked open. The prince pushed open the door and stepped in.

A large Zmatek Elementalist guard stood in the middle of the room and tapped a mace in his open hand. Whirling fire and water beasts flanked him on either side. A small man in a hooded robe stood in a corner, a hand pointed at each of the elemental creatures. “None of you will this mansion alive.”

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