Catheldor Knights – Page 86

Jarik jabbed Thothen in the ribs with his pointy elbow. “You don’t have any extra funds do you?”

Thothen shook his head. “Almost worked. We could’ve lied about our resources but I doubt they would’ve believed we had over five hundred thousand. We wouldn’t have made it out of the hall alive.”

Firae hung his head low. “There is nothing left for us here. We have failed in retrieving Galachir’s staff and sword. Might as well go home in defeat.”

Jarik’s hand rested upon the sword hilt at his side. “There is still one more option available to us. We can get to the relics while Zdenek is paying. Those Zmatek Elementalists didn’t look so tough. We can take them down no problem, get the staff and sword, and get the heck out of town before anyone realizes what’s going on.”

“Are you crazy? They will cut us down if we tried storming the front door. They control beings made of pure elements, creatures which don’t go down easily.” Miirik said.

Arlin started walking towards the mansion on the hill. “Jarik is right. We have one chance if we move quickly. I know of a side entrance we can use which would keep our profile low and give us a chance to steal the weapons.”

Gaston shook his head. “How much did you have to pay your female visitor to get that kind of information? Were we bidding with a nearly empty purse all day?”

“A prince of Catheldor has his ways of gaining information.”

Zmatek Elementalists milled about the mansion accompanied by the elemental beasts under their control. There numbers were spread out between the town hall auction and the mansion in an attempt to keep revilers under control. Several were near the mansion main entrance, but the group was able to make it to the side entrance without much trouble.

“Halt!” the single guard at the entrance said as the six approached. “Entry into the mansion at this entrance is not allowed. Please go around to the front entry for proper admittance to collect your property.”

Arlin stepped forward, “We were sent from the auction. The auctioneer told us to use this side entrance. He didn’t want commotion around our arrival.”

The guard drew his sword. “I have explicit orders to not allow anyone though this entrance. No one is getting through this entrance today. Not you. Not the king of Ildonia. Not the gods above or below. No one, no way, no how.”

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