Catheldor Knights – Page 83

Jarik scratched his beardless chin. “I don’t know. It does seem easier to have the Zmatek Elementalists remove you before bidding even starts. It doesn’t matter to my group if I’m around for the bidding or not.”

“I like your moxie kid,” the old man pulled a painted clay disk from his pocket. “Tell you what. If you leave me alone while inside this town hall I will bestow a gift upon you. If at any point in the future you need assistance then just break this disk upon the ground. I will be summoned and will help you with any trouble you may have found yourself in. How does that sound?”

“How do I know you truly have power worthy of summoning?”

“My power as a wizard is so great even an apprentice could make brooms come alive to clean just by following the tomes I’ve written.”

Jarik nodded and snatched the disk from the old man’s fingers. The half-elf crept through the hall back to the rest of the group. He told them of the wizard’s purchase intentions.

“I get the feeling a large number of the patrons here will be vying for the sword and staff,” Firae slumped in his seat.

As the day wore on bidding continued to be fierce. A dispute broke out between two prospective bidders over a cloth robe, a dispute which was settled with a short wizard’s duel outside of the hall. The victor was removed from the town while the loser was taken to the cemetery. After an evening meal break the crowd filtered back into the hall. The number of patrons swelled to see who could afford the evening items. Everything left to bid on were powerful relics which only the rich or kingdom backed buyers could afford.

“Think we have a chance at all?” Firae was worried because bids for lesser items were nearly seventy thousand cold coins.

“These are all pretty powerful items. I could make a fortune if only half of them had fallen into my lap.” Thothen’s voice was a gruff whisper.

Arlin shook his head. “I’m not sure we have enough resources to purchase those weapons back. With any luck all these bids will run everyone else’s reserves dry. Other than our early winning, we haven’t spent too much today.”

Passion burned in Firae’s voice. “We have to win those relics. We cannot go back empty handed. This mission was entrusted upon us. Arlin, you must not fail Mallvrann.”

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