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Catheldor Knights – Page 91

Jarik stepped away from the metal chest and shouted to the old man hovering in the hole torn through the roof. “I wasn’t anywhere near that dang old box. Now get down here so we can discuss this face to face.” A bright blast of arcane magic slammed the old man. He howled in pain […]

Deep Water Swimming

Bobbing between waves Torso grabs water ahead Where could the legs be

Fall Of 2003

I had carried The Things They Carried By Tim O’Brien Back in the Fall Of 2003 To my mattress In my barren room I had carried Thoughts and feelings Grief and pain In that time Of my life As I tried to figure out What I wanted Where I was going I had carried The […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 90

Gaston grunted and closed with the large Zmatek elementalist guard. The Catheldorian flanked the guard with Jarik. Together the two attacked the large man. The elementalist couldn’t maintain defenses against two attackers and blades found his flesh. “There is no way you will escape from this village,” the large guard grunted and fell to one […]

Hot Day on the Terrace

Hot day on the terrace Oppressively hot Suffocatingly hot Heat Like a blanket Surrounds Seeps into every pour Like a liquid Submerged in heat No escape Only a bit of respite In the shade But only for a moment Before heat flows in Surrounding all Withering away In the seeking Of a bit of respite […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 89

Gaston ducked under the water creature’s wet attack with flailing arms. “I’ll take care of the wizard. Keep this water beast off my back.” The warrior leapt over a chair and slashed at the wizard. The spell caster stumbled backwards against a towering bookcase. Books fell around him. He was cornered by the Catheldorian. With […]

Railing Bars

Railing bars Stretch across definitive lines Almost outlined in black Separating bars from that behind The lake The water The sky It feels fake Beyond the bars A symptom of green screen Superimposed background Tricking me Convincing me I’m somewhere that I’m not Is this all a show Trapped behind the lens Like poor Truman […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 88

Jarik leapt past Arlin into the Zmatek Elementalist mansion library. Oak paneled walls were covered with book covered shelves stacked floor to ceiling. In the middle of the room between the guards was a marble pedestal capped with a large metal chest. “You’re the one who’ll not be leaving here alive.” Jarik stabbed but the […]

Pleasured Reading

Words upon the page Never cease to entertain On a cool fall day

Hammock Built For Two

Here I sit Swaying in the wind In a hammock Built for two Leaves rustle Fall from the sky As I lay alone In a hammock Built for two The sun hangs high Casting light in my eyes My cap pulled low As I sway about In a hammock Built for two Why don’t you […]