Catheldor Knights – Page 78

The crowd laughed at the auctioneer’s silver tongue barbs and quips. He had put everyone into a relaxed good mood, a mood which in turn should loosen their purse strings by quite a bit.

“Let me do all of our bidding,” Arlin whispered to his friends as the auctioneer finished his pre-auction speech. “There will be more strength in our actions if we speak with one voice.”

“Let us start the auction with one of our highlighted items, the suit of armor worn by Luiton Vandermeer in the battle of Hemptings.” The auctioneer spoke as a pair of assistants wheeled a wooden cart onto the stage. Atop the cart was a wooden dummy adorned with a suit of glistening mail armor. Two holes were in the armor above where the wearer’s heart would be. “Archers felled poor Luiton in the battle, as you can see by the arrow holes still preserved. The winning bid on this item will also receive repairs by Zmatek Smiths to patch those holes if desired. Hopefully the winner is much more fortunate than poor Luiton was.”

“This is one that those black scars were interested in,” Thothen whispered into Arlin’s ear. “It shouldn’t fetch more than five thousand. Let’s see if we can push it up to six.”

The auctioneer’s voice rumbled like a brook over fast rapids and kept the bidding running smoothly. He called out bids and pointed out those who placed them. When the total hit four thousand most of the bidders backed off and it was down to the Black Scars and Arlin. At six thousand Arlin rose his hand to indicate he would place a bid.

The room grew silent. The Black Scars discussed amongst themselves. The total was high and everyone knew it. The mercenary company leader shook his head no while one of the big brutes growled at him.

“When I said six, I meant they should take that bid not us,” Thothen said.

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