Catheldor Knights – Page 77

The men filtered through the town hall. It was only the day before when the room was filled to the brim with items to view before the auction. On this day the items were no longer on display. In place of the rows of tables were rows of chairs. A stage area sat upon the far end with only a single podium adorning it.

The six picked seats towards the front of the room and off to one side. They wanted a good view of the stage and be able to look back to the other bidders. Thothen wanted to see the other bidder’s faces to get a read on their budget and motivations.

As morning grew older bidders trickled into the hall. The black scars were in the opposite corner from the group, towards the rear of the room. The old man Jarik had spoken with the night before also found a seat towards the rear. The rest of the bidders filtered in. Some were by themselves, others were in small groups, and there were a few large groups like the black scars. Concession girls began making their way through the aisles of seats, making sure that mugs stayed full and lips were loosened for the main event. Elemental beings and large human guards circled around the seating area and watched the audience.

By mid-morning the hall was filled to standing room only. An announcer crossed the stage and stood behind the podium. He was dressed in satin robes of brilliant reds and blues and browns. Large gemstone rings adorned his fingers. Hoots and hollers rang out from the crowd, ready to start the auction.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the auctioneer called out, “and I do use that term loosely. Welcome to the annual Zmatek Elementalist’s auction extravaganza. I see some new faces out there today and many returning ones as well. I hope all bidding turns out as excellent as last year and that we will have a good auction. Just remember, there is to be no fighting amongst your selves while within the boundaries of this room. I hope no one will have to be forcibly removed like last year.”

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