Catheldor Knights – Page 75

Dejected, Firae left the rude Zmatek Elementalist guard and returned to the rest of his group. “From what I can gather they have Galachir’s weapons here, but they are not willing to show them to the likes of us. That guard won’t take me seriously. He thinks we’re not the type of fighting men who would be interested in the relics.”

Arlin led the group from the town hall. “That will have to change, but for now I propose we find a place to bed down for the evening.”

The solitary inn turned the six young men away. All of their rooms were full for the evening. A small camp of tents which flanked the city seemed to be the best place to set up for the night. The auction brought more people than what the small town could handle. Once the tents were set up for the evening the six did not wander off far for fear of the disreputable folks about.

Once night fell and their camp fire was extinguished, the six found themselves in the cool embrace of sleep. Most of them welcomed the rest, but one of them did not. As the moon raised high above the camp a beautiful human woman ducked her head from under Prince Arlin’s tent and scampered through the night towards Brandeisberg.

A cool breeze blew down from the mountain top and she pulled her shawl tight around her shoulders. It did not take long for her to cross town and walk to the mansion that sat upon the hill. With a few kind words to a guard on duty, along with a warm embrace, she found herself inside of the mansion.

Candles hung from sconces along the hallway walls. Half of which were lit. The young woman found her way through the mansion. It was late enough that most of the auction goers were asleep for the evening, but some were still awake and drinking the night away.

“I have not seen you around here before,” a voice barked from behind the young woman. “What are you doing here?”

The young woman looked to the guard with a demure smile.

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