Rooftop Veranda Musings

Unlike previous weeks
Today the lake
Is the most brilliant of blues
Not the pallid gray
I usually find
When on the rooftop veranda
Escaping responsibilities
Not far behind me
Only for a momentary respite
Not like those
Sleepily lounging upon boats
Hooks in the water
Escaping it all
For a day of fun
Under a mid June sun
On a clear day
Before summer becomes too hot
Melting away any ambition
To even relax
A weekday away
This respite isn’t as relaxing
As my feet up demeanor
May reveal
In the back of my mind
Thoughts swirl
Mixing in the eddies
Of my mind
Upon conversations
From the weekend gone past
In the moment
My words failed me
When face to face
My lips ran dry
And now
I ponder what to say
What actions to undertake
In the near future
While my mind stays distracted
On soft rolling waves
Of the lake
Splayed out before me

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