Catheldor Knights – Page 74

Burning swirls of wind and fire flanked the entrance to the town hall and surveyed the grounds before the town hall. A large human with beefy crossed arms stood in front of the doorway behind a hunched old elf that looked over each soon to be auction goer as they entered the building. They were guards who could repel an assault if the bidding went bad for any of the mercenary companies in attendance.

The six adventurers were very courteous to the security measures when they entered the building. Even though it was the most important building in the town, the hall was nothing more than a large ramshackle wood shack. Floorboards creaked with each step. Rows of merchandise laid out for potential bidders to see and inspect. A pair of rock beings plodded their way around the perimeter while a being of swirling water splashed in a corner. Beings of a less magical nature who wore clothing similar to the two outside strolled up and down the aisles and assisted those with questions about the items for auction.

Arms and armors were displayed upon tables covered in white silk sheets. Swords were upon one set of tables and axes upon another set. Armors were laid out by size, material, and presumable protection. A row of leather followed by chain and finally plate. Vials of potions were set about tables in one corner of the room, flanked by magical scrolls and various trinkets. However, the Galachir staff and sword were no where to be found upon the display room floor.

While the rest of the group was looking at the items spread out on the tables, Firae went to one of the Zmatek Elementalists. “Are all of your items for sale in this room?”

The elementalist was a weasel looking human with a large pointed nose. He twirled the end of his mustache before speaking. “Yes. All of the items that will be auctioned off tomorrow are on display here today.”

“There seems to be a few pieces missing.”

“Were you hoping to catch a glimpse of the legendary Galachir weapons? I suppose you might, they being part of your fine heritage and all, but they may only be viewed by individuals with enough money to purchase them.”

“I do have enough money to purchase the weapons. I demand to see them as a paying patron of this auction.”

“Very cute little boy. You have no scars of battle upon you. Now run along and let real paying customers have a chance to see these items. Fighting men have no need for a young elf gumming up the works.”

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