Catheldor Knights – Page 73

Thothen joined back up with the group as they left the Rusty Pickaxe tavern. “Those were quite some guys. Good guys those mercenaries were, I’d say. It’s a shame that not a one of them could hold their ale like a dwarf.”

Arlin’s voice had harsh tones to it as the group made their way to the town hall. “We are here for a very important mission. Not for laughs or drinks. What did you learn from them?”

“They are a mercenary band, the Black Scars or some such like that.” Thothen took a swig from a tankard he borrowed from the tavern. “This auction has brought them to town over the past several years. They have always been able to pick up a few odds and ends that have assisted in the field. This year, they say, that the big draw is the Galachir weapons. They plan on using those weapons of legend to way waste to the battlefield and bring home glory. I believe they’ll be some major competition and have the budget to back them up.”

“Not if we can get the relics first,” Firae said. “Do you have any ideas on how we can keep them from acquiring the weapons?”

“Aye,” the dwarf smiled. “They are here for many items that are commonly hard to find at magical bazars. I’m confident we can force the bidding to go high on some items so they’ll run out of coin for the big prize.”

Firae frowned. “That sounds risky. We should not be playing with the coins unless we are purchasing the relics.”

Arlin’s frown turned to a mischievous grin. “I like it. If the group of us shows up and don’t bid on anything until the final item is brought out, then everyone in the room will know that is what we are here for and that we have a ton of coin to back up what we say. I feel we should be placing bids as the day goes along. With a straight face it shall help our outcome in the end.”

Thothen nodded. “Not to mention anything that we may accidentally purchase we could use or I could sell back in Catheldor to pay back your people. It will be a win-win situation when we pull it off.”

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